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Sometimes it seems like adulthood is all about juggling, constantly striving to keep all three balls in the air whilst maintaining your sanity and somehow remembering to do things like drink enough water and pay the electric bill. 

I spend my days juggling motherhood and family life, an active job, training for my first 100-mile event, running with the Maverick Trail Division, and all the other life admin adults deal with on a daily basis. 
On Sarah's feet: Women's OOmg Boots
On Sarah's feet: Women's OOahh Luxe Latte
After a summer constantly wearing my OORiginal and OOolala flip flops, transitioning into shoes with a hard sole in the autumn led me to back pain and tired, achy legs. The OOMG Boots have been game changing for me during these cold wintery months, and I’m rarely seen wearing anything else. I absolutely love that you can wear them in two different ways, pulled up fully or rolled down, so you can adapt them to the outfit you’re wearing. They are the first things I look for post-race whilst still in my running kit and again when I’m off to work they pair really nicely with a pair of jeans.
On Sarah's feet: Women's OOmg Boots
On Sarah's feet: Women's OOmg Boots
The OOFoam technology is just what I need to get me through a long day on my feet and keep me recovering from an early morning long run. The best part is that they’re waterproof and my feet stay warm and dry no matter the weather conditions. Adulting can be hard work, but at least my feet and legs are happy and comfortable come rain or shine. If you’ve not felt the OO yet, you really should, they are a gamechanger!
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Women's OOMG Mesh Recovery Shoes
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