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I first came across OOFOS flip flops back in the summer of 2017 training for my second ultra, I didn’t really understand recovery footwear but breaking my foot (forth metatarsal stress fracture) in the previous months training for London made me seriously look at my footwear. When I wasn’t running I needed to take all the stress off my feet.
On Jemma's feet: Women's OOriginal London 2018
On Jemma's feet: Women's OOlala Bluejay
The stress fracture was painful and I wish I had discovered them sooner to help me through my recovery, I started wearing them religiously, if I wasn’t running I was in the flip flops. I remember finishing day one of my ultra and putting them on after a hard seven hours on my feet, it was like heaven. I was a firm fan after that summer.
On Jemma's feet: Women's OOmg Low White & Black
On Jemma's feet: Women's OOmg Boot High Black
Summer turned to winter and I began training for the race that broke me the year before… The London Marathon. I remained loyal to the OOFOS flip flops (got some funny looks from the other Mums at the school gate) but they were so comfortable I didn’t want to return to my old shoes. I didn’t want to risk injury. This was when I was introduced to the OOFOS shoe.
The shoe couldn’t have come at a better time, I just got a new job (Batista) not to be confused with a barrister ;) and I would be on my feet for eight hours a shift. The shoes took all the impact so after a shift I could resume my high mileage training.  
I didn’t just think of myself when I wore the shoes, lots of my friends have jobs where they are on their feet solidly like my Mum for instance who is a care assistant. We have the same sized feet so I offered her my pair to try. She absolutely loved them! She also had major foot surgery so Dad and I went halves and bought her some for Christmas using the Black Friday code. She’s not a runner but is a huge fan!
Winter came and the shoes were not suitable for muddy winter walks so OOFOS must have read my mind and created the winter boot! So now I have a shoe for all seasons, the same recovery technology just in 3 different styles. The shoes have revolutionised my life, I wear nothing else now and I firmly believe my feet have stayed injury free because of them.
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