Share Your #ReasonsToRun London 2019
We get it – fundraising is hard.

The last thing you need while trying to recover from the intense marathon training is to spend hours calling in favours from friends and family for donations or gifts to raffle off.

Thankfully, OOFOS is here to help you in OO so many ways. Not only with your recovery, but also with breaking down the daunting fundraising targets.

We’re giving the opportunity for runners to earn two pairs of OOFOS shoes – one to keep your feet happy, and the other to siphon off to enviable bidders and share the OO.

But first, we want to hear your #ReasonsToRun story. Tell us below who you are, what you’re running for and your top tips for recovery.

If your story is chosen, we’ll also feature your inspirational journey on our #ReasonsToRun page to spread the word of the amazing work you’re doing.

Entries have now closed.
#ReasonsToRun STories
Cassandra Vine
Running for Mind, the mental health charity.
Maria Keen
Running for Macmillan Cancer Support.
James Fuller
Running for the Institute of Cancer Research.
SHARE Your #ReasonsToRun
Tell us below who you are, your #ReasonsToRun and your top tips for recovery.
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What charity are you running for and why?
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