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I first come across Oofos after Brighton/London marathon in 2017. I had finally got back into the full swing of running after having my third baby and was interested to try anything that could help aid my recovery. Because let’s face it when you have three boys to run around after, you really don’t have time to relax. 

I was lucky enough to get a pair for my birthday in the May and well what can I say, that’s where the love affair started. I can’t imagine being without them now. 
Monday to Friday I leave my house at 7.45am and most days don’t return until 5.30pm, sometimes maybe 7pm, my life is hectic. My day usually consists of the following: the school run, then I run to the gym and take part in various classes, from there I run, home, then do the school pick up and then it’s onto swimming lessons, football, tennis, it’s never ending….I pretty much walk (or run!) everywhere as I’m not a fan of driving, and guess what will be on my feet, yes, that’s right, my OOFOS. 
I really do believe that the OOFOAM they use in the shoes have saved me from lots of injuries, it’s honestly so supportive and they really do make you think you’re walking on clouds (it’s not a myth).

If I’m not in my trainers, I’m in my OOFOS. They are the only flip flops I buy. I have a lovely collection of colourful shoes that not only help me recover from my running and gym classes, but also help me recover from my everyday life as a mum of three busy children.

OOFOS might be a recovery shoe but they are my everyday shoe. 
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Follow @RunningFitnessFoodKids on Instagram.
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